Custom fabrication:
Steel forms, hoppers, capitals, columns, barrier forms, struts, aluminum stages, window-washing systems, beam forms, architectural forms.

Scaffold Equipment:
access standard frames, STARLOCK system scaffold, stairways, ladders, braces, struts, steel planks, ply-planks, jacks, baseplates.

Steel welding certified to CSA W47.1. Aluminium welding certified to CSA W47.2. CWB certified.

Quality Program:
complies to IS0 9002-1994

35,000 sq ft of floor space
20,000 sq ft of outside storage

Production Equipment
5 ton overhead cranes with 21 ft lift
8 ton overhead cranes with 21 ft lift
400 ton - 14 ft press break
10' x 1/2" shearing capacity
automated cutting machines
punch presses
ironworkers up to 2-5/8” dia. x 5/8” plate
robotic welding machines
pipe bending machines
drilling machines
painting facilities
in-house testing & mock-up facilities